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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Seriously, I hate feet. It's not a phodia, but more of an anti-fetish. They're just sooooo gross. 


Anyway, happy 4th of July! 

Eric West (shadowater) says:

...How would it cut like that? The bone is too far out from the wound D:

And I hope he survives :<

kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

eric your concerned with the fact that a magic chainsaw unicorn cut an arm in an odd way and not too much with the fact that IT'S A MAGIC CHAINSAW UNICORN!!! i dont think that the fact that it cut my arm off in an odd way would phase me... just the fact that it did so...with a chainsaw on its head... just saying. ^_^

Tohru Geiken (tohru) says:

You're cutting something fleshy with a chainsaw... it's not going to be pretty or neat for that matter.

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: is that supposed to be a man or a woman with the sliced off arm hmm? Anyway Chainsaw Unicorn is terrifying
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