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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Drunk Duck is currently down (or whatever) so this may be the first time some of you have visited us here at Webcomics Nation. Welcome! Please go ahead and comment, but keep in mind that your comments won't appear until I've approved them. Here's some answers from the last strip:

Albert: æ��æ�¶æ��å��ä¸�? That's "Pass the time" or "Time to pass". Why do I get the feeling this means something similar to "Jumping the Shark"?

Jay: Charles is a guy.

Eric: I'll let Tohru and Kevin answer your question:

Tohru: Eric your concerned with the fact that a magic chainsaw unicorn cut an arm in an odd way and not too much with the fact that IT'S A MAGIC CHAINSAW UNICORN!!! i dont think that the fact that it cut my arm off in an odd way would phase me... just the fact that it did so...with a chainsaw on its head... just saying. ^_^

 Kevin: You're cutting something fleshy with a chainsaw... it's not going to be pretty or neat for that matter.

Also, please remember that we still have t-shirts available here.

kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

i think you have my and tohru's comments mixed up...

Eric Queen (maninblack) says:

I've been reading you here for awhile now Jake

Eric West (shadowater) says:


cat cat (catlll) says:

yes,I like it

cat cat (catlll) says: yes
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