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Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Iris: "I love your comics!!!!!!!!!! I'm Charlie's neice by the way (Iris) and... that comic adaptation of him reminds me of him 100%

He's awesome though :D"

Hi Iris! I'm so glad you like the comics. I hope you don't mind that I chainsawed your uncle! I swear he'll be back.

Eric: "I see he went out last so he wouldn't end up on the bottom again"


That would have been a good plan.  I actually forgot to draw the pile up this time. I meant to, since I skipped it last time, but it slipped my mind.

Jay: "Quick Question . Does the Chainsaw Unicorn know to NOT kill Medusa?"

That's... that's a good question.


Anyway, those shirts are still for sale! Get them now before everyone has one!

kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

will the deadly chainsaw unicorn maime our beloved characters!? will medusa show her true powers and turn the stallion into a statue? will jake put his porn in a box marked differently than xxx? tune in next time! same modest channel! same modest time!!

Eric West (shadowater) says:

Wait, if the unicorn DOESN'T know, then...

...Any chance that Medusa may spontaneously figure out how to turn whatever looks at her face to stone (for a short amount of time, of course)? She IS a gorgon, after all...

Micah McNully (dyonus) says:

Just out of curiosity, but what happened to Medusa wearing clothes? Or was that just when she leaves the house?

cat cat (catlll) says:


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