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Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Me? I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. I'm just pelased as punch (weird expression) that you guys have been buying chainsaw unicorn and Medusa shirts from our shirt store. Remember, every purchase goes directly towards happy hour at the tiki lounge!

Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: im still waiting to buy medusa plushies
Jay Thompson (afrokingj) says: That unicorn is going to either die or be turned to stone by medusaz mother. There is no happy ending for a chainsaw unicorn. unless it fakes it's death with jakes help and later shows up with an army to come to jakes aid
kevin rodriguez (batman) says:

ohhh tiki lounge....i dont know why but i remembered lion king "what you want me to dress in drag and do the hula?!"

Troy Stevens (maldar) says:

I still think it should be called a uni-saw.

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