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Hi! My name is Jake Richmond. Welcome to my comic!

I’ve been wanting to work on Rivius Obscura for a few years. I originally thought up the story back in 2003, but couldn’t think of a way to turn my basic plot into a fleshed out story. I ended up using the story in an rpg I ran later that year. That was golden. My friends and fellow players Travis, April, Gabe, Nick and Woody took my basic plot and brought it to life with interesting characters that had petty rivalries, intricate relationships and strengths and weaknesses all their own. Our game lasted about ten sessions. Watching my friends play, I knew how I could build my story into the kind of comic I wanted it to be. Each of the primary five characters is a reflection of one of my friends, and a representation of the energy and creativity that they brought to the table.

Of course, a game is not a comic. It’s taken me a few years to figure out how to take what I learned from that game and turn it into a coherent story. It also took me awhile to work up the courage to actually start drawing pages… but here we are!

Rivius Obscura takes place in the fictional world of Rivium, a shared world that Travis Brown and I created in high school, and the setting for Travis Browns published RPG the CrossRoads of Eternity. The world of Rivium is one of the first things I ever created, and finally getting to do a comic about it is... awesome. If you like this comic then you may want to check out the game. I did over 200 illustrations for the book, it and it looks pretty sweet!


Jake Richmond

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