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Hi again. The first manga I ever read was Appleseed 4. One of the things I lived about the book (and Shirows other work) is his extensive use of foot notes. Almost every page has little notes telling you cool stuff about the setting and characters that you wouldn’t other wise know. I love that shit! So I’m going to do the same thing. I’ll us ethis space to provide notes and commentary on the comic.

Andora: Andora is the largest of Rivium’s landmasses. Andora is home to the Jovian Empire and the High Elves of Elderon.

Syranco Primus: The Syrans are a wealthy and powerful political and military power based on Myshu, a continent to the West of Andora. Syranco Primus is their base of power on Andora, and the fortress city from which they wage their long war against the Jovian Empire.

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