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It's easy to be self-critical with oneself, and I do hope I'm not alone in this. Many times you'd hear a voice, clean and sharp, loud enough to hit you but soft enough for a whisper. And it sings with a whistle to the tune of:

"What if it sucks?"
"What if people wouldnt like it?"
"What if i'm wasting my time?"
"What if i'm doing it wrong?"

Call it fear if you must, but I've fallen victim to this kind of unproductivity for so many years. I allowed myself to think I'm not good enough to do something, and so i have to LEARN and PLAN and WAIT. One day, I'll be good enough...

One day...

But who are you bs-ing? That day will never come. It's all just you. And realizing this gives you the chance to stick it out and quit the planning.

So i suck, SO WHAT!? Do whatever the hell you want. Stop thinking and just make things happen. Grab the pen and create and even if it's total crap, who cares? The world is not meant to be your groupie.

I guess this is me scolding myself (nyahaha)! But it also goes to anyone who's been through/going through the same thing. Throw expectations out the window. Hurl caution to the wind. And finally, let's bare our asses and shout "FREEDOOOOMM!!"


(Okay... Now I'm done sounding like a self-motivational ebook. Haha!)

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