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Hey look! Word Salad is back!

Thank you Word Salad fans for your patience. Now you must wait until November (Yes, that’s a long wait) to see why Word Salad was delayed. However, truth be told, in a period of 8 days, I only missed 1 graphic and 2 comics while I penciled, inked and lettered 7 pages. Although that’s something I can do if need be, I don’t like to do it. I also want to thank Aaron Rand Freeman, the perpetual side man of TWiB Nation for helping me write this. His contribution was invaluable. I will let you know more about this project as soon as I can say more.

On to Tom Cotton.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Tom Cotton embarrassed America this week by putting out a letter written to get donations from the mercenaries and terrorists who want to invade Iran. Which made the hash tag #47traitors trend on social media referring to this buffoon. He, of course, had to go out and embarrass himself further by going on “Face the Nation.” He then finally made a statement which he breathlessly said this.

Iran now controls Tehran. For that, it’s war. Just imagine if the United States took over Washington DC, or if Great Britain invaded London. They shall rue the day that happens!

And of course Bob Schieffer neglects to follow up that answer with “You do realize that Tehran is Iran’s capitol and you are continuously embarrassing our country with your ignorance?”

Tom Cotton gets a free pass.

Although I would not call the #47traitors “traitors,” they are dangerously close to real traitors like Ronald Reagan who sabotaged negotiations between Iran and America, then illegally sold them weapons to fight Iraq. *THAT* is what the actions of a traitor are.

Right now, Tom Cotton and the 47 senators who signed his letter are an embarrassment for their ignorance, their naked attempt to start a war to enrich the “Military Industrial Complex,” and for a damaging act of protest. They shouldn’t be in Congress, they should return to their previous jobs as the village idiots.


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