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Ted Cruz will always be remembered as that damned fool who can’t understand the message of a children’s book after he read it to Congress. So this week, when he blamed Obama for the Baltimore Uprising, I realized that this damned fool must not have ever read “The Sneetches.”

Dr. Seuss was a brilliant social commentator, and he did it in a subversive way. Not only does he show the fallacy of racism, but he also shows how capitalism profits off of racism. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, watch the animated version.

Baltimore is much like the Sneetches, however, the non-Star Bellied Sneetches got fed up and burn down the CVS where they overcharge for beverages and price gouge a poor community, so the non-Star Bellied Sneetches burned it down in protest of the Star Chested Sneetches murdering the non-Star Bellied Sneetches.

Now, if I could write that last paragraph in rhyme, I’d probably be rich.


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