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Isn't bacon banned like homosexuality in Leviticus? Does that make Bryan Fischer an abomination?

Okay, he's not an abomination, but he is "unclean."

It clearly states in the Bible, however, you're not suppose to eat pork and some sects of Christianity don't eat pork. Like Bob Marley and Snoop Lion don't eat pork and they are Christians.

We are a secular nation. Cenk Uygyur said on Friday on the Young Turks, said "We were the first country to say we are not we to any religion. We are actually going to guide ourselves, rule ourselves.  That was the beauty of democracy. That was the beauty of the founding fathers and the constitution." To continue Cenk's thought on this, Bryan Fischer is robbing us of our great heritage by claiming otherwise.

Also, that makes Snoop Lion unclean.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck went to twitter this week and wrote an incomprensible tweet comparing the NFL scandal to her Benghina Benghazi. When the Huffington Post published an video with a parent of one of the men who died that night. She literally tweeted back to Huffpo saying inserting Benghazi is an honor. Maybe she does call her tunnel of love her Benghina....


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