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First of all, this will be my last Word Salad of the year, but I promise you, I will choose an old Word Salad, or even its predecessor "This Week in Bachmannland" as filler so you can get your weekly snark. Part of the reason why is I have a huge, big deal art job with the fantastic organization, RH Reality Check. Or as I call it from time to time, kind of like Scott Walker, HR Reality and Stuff, because my brain confuses them with HR Pufnstuf.

Yeah, my brain is special.

Scott Walker is special, too. I'm not talking about how in every picture he looks like he's auditioning for Lennie in "Of Mice and Men." Nor am I referring to the copious amounts of voter intimidation and corruption within his administration. I'm not even talking about how he's a puppet who actually thinks the oligarchs will promote him to president even though he has the charisma of a curtain. No, I'm talking about the letter he sent out this week where instead of saying "Mazel Tov" he said " Molotov."

He said this in a letter setting up a Menorah lighting ceremony at the Capitol.

If it weren't for election fraud, chances are he wouldn't be Governor.


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