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You know what, I'm glad Peter Tinsley said this! This is the first honest thing a Republican has said in a long time. Then when he made a sincere apology, which, yes, I am mocking, the Republican party of Poplar Bluff, MO got upset.

You know what, I've said and done things in the past I am ashamed of today, we all have, and some of the reasons I said them was because of peer pressure. So I understand getting caught up in the moment. I am willing to accept his apology as long as 2 things happen, 1) He works hard at doing the right thing going forward and 2) He works on race issues with in the community. He really needs to because he is an elected official in Missouri right now.

Poplar Bluff is about 2 and a half hours south of Ferguson, but there is no doubt that issues of race and racism are now coming to the surface. I commend Reverend Tommy Robinson for not only bringing this issue up in a public way, but approaching it with the right tact and grace to have started a healing process for his community. And it looks like his constituents are willing to forgive him, too.

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However, he shouldn't be apologizing to the Republican party. The Republican party should apologize to the people of Polar Bluff, and the entire country, because members of the party have been racist! Some of the leadership should own up to their short comings just like Mr. Tinsley!

If we are to have a two-party system, we need a strong and robust Republican party. (I would love to have a strong Green or Socialist party, as well so we can finally have people who are on the left have genuine representation, but I digress...) The Republican party needs honest people like Mr. Tinsley to hold the party accountable, and show leadership. I am glad he owned up to his own shortcomings, but instead the Republican party, and specifically the Republican party of Poplar Bluff, MO needs to admit that there is racism, whether intentional or unintentional. To take a phrase from the conservative movement I'd like to borrow, show some personal responsibility.

I am white, male, and cis, I have all the privilege in the world in America, sometimes I have done or said things that were unintentionally racist or I wasn't aware of how hurtful they were. Chances are, I'll make mistakes again. It's a process, and unless we can be honest about our mistakes, we can't move forward. I demand that Rand Paul, Reince Priebus, and the Republican Party fess up to their short comings like Peter Tinsley has. Ignoring your short comings will not make them go away. Stop blaming the Democratic party, like you have, for your own mistakes. In 2014, one place Democrats are not welcomed to is the KKK, that is now the Republican party.

Like one of this week Word Salad Runners up did, Wayne Allyn Root blamed Obama for his short comings.

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Thank you, Peter Tinsley for making a good apology, I sure wish Kevin Sorbo, another runner up for Word Salad followed in your footsteps.

Now I sincerely ask Peter Tinsley, what are you going to do for your community now that you are aware of your own personal short comings? How do you plan on going forward? I want you to know, I am willing to tell my followers what you are doing if you do the right thing. Let me know, I will follow up with this if you do.

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