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So there is this crazy guy who used to work for Ronald Reagan, and the media missed the headline. Yes, he should be mocked because he is a hateful, ignorant fascist, but what even independent media has left out is this clown is a mercenary. That makes him something that most crazy people who used to work for Ronald Reagan are, dangerous.

I was planning on paralleling what he is calling for with Hitler, and make some awkward jokes about ovens, but this guy is a mercenary who works for a company that literally was board one day and opened fire on a freeway killing 17 and injuring 20. This clown is still free. Jeremy Scahill agrees.

As long as thugs like Douglas MacKinnon remain free, free to call for an armed revolt and to somehow remove the gay community from what he views as society, it makes him worse than a fascist, he really is a Nazi. He should be in jail, and not carving a new nation named for a traitor like Ronald Reagan.

Do you like Word Salad and want to help support me? I write several scripts out and pick which one I think is the best to post, but sometimes there are some perfectly good comics I write that never see the light of day. I was thinking of building a subscription service and I will share rejected Word Salads like this one:

So Sarah Palin showed us why we should be relieved that she never became vice-president when her family showed up and had a drunken brawl because someone insulted her honor. To show how good of a mother she is, Bristol, the one who uses homophobic slurs in front of her toddler and he says it on national television, arrived drunk and had said child in tow. She then starts a fight with the member of the party and after repeatedly punching the guy, he knocked her out and dragged her by the leg off of his property. I do not condone violence and he shouldn't have hit her, but when the rest of the Palin clan joined in the melee, I don't blame him for defending himself. So then Sarah Palin goes on Facebook and makes an argument of "the left-wing war on women" which is ridiculous. Nobody in the media condoned the person her daughter assulted's response. Nobody. However, nobody questioned her "family values." If her family values includes a drunken brawl, fine, she then should accept that people will mock her for being out of touch. If she claims to be a good mother and her daughter shows up someplace drunk with her child in tow, maybe the state should look into removing him from custody, because those values have placed the life of the child in danger.

I'm sorry I wasn't funny this week.


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