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This has been a hard week. Xander, my Mr. Boy, got sick suddenly. He was 3 and fairly healthy we thought. We found him Wednesday in pain on my daughter's bed. When we took him to the vet, we found out his urinary track was blocked up. It would cost between $1500 to $2000 to properly treat him. We decided to do the humane thing and put him down. However, the doctor decided to relieve his pain as I was getting my wife and child (The hospital he was in was about 30 minutes to an hour away from our house depending on traffic.) She put a catheter in him and some of the blockage came out. We could take him home.

He wasn't doing too well. We didn't realize this but he blocked up again. We tried desperately to get him to eat and drink, we were feeding him with a syringe. Last night, we put him down. My children were devastated. My wife is destroyed.

In this drama we have no Word Salad this week. I'm emotionally exhausted and the time I would have been throwing on the finishing touches, I was comforting my wife and children. Tonight I will continue our graphics.

Despite everything, we still owe the vet a $400 vet bill. If you enjoy the work I do here and you wish to help, please do. This project has seen very little income and now with the loss of a family member we are burdened beyond our means. If you have a few dollars, they will be greatly appreciated. You can also catch Xander appearing in his own "Right About Meow" written by my daughter, here.

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