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Renee Ellmers has been the U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 2nd congressional district since 2011. She really needs to go. Anyone who is not bright enough to do their job, shouldn't have that job. Seriously, why do Republicans keep finding morons who can't understand their job?

Politics is all about the cold sale. I hate that. I really do, and whether you are a nationally known politician seeking higher office or a canvasser trying to fight for clean water, you are doing cold sales, and you are rewarded for your success financially. What you don't hear from news reporters is how much of a pyramid scheme it is. Which is usually why candidates from poorer districts are usually brighter, because they have to actually deal with their consituents and not with big business in their district trying to buy their vote.

Renee Ellmers' gerrymandered district seems to include affluent suburbs of the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham area, including Fort Bragg, avoiding places where people have an education, a conscious, or a clue what their best interests are. Which is why Renee Ellmers was elected. One thing about sales is you don't have to know about what you are selling, you just have to be convincing and know some techniques. I have worked in sales myself, and sold products I didn't use nor did I understand how they worked. It's obvious to me that Ellmers doesn't understand her job.

What I find most insulting about this quote is that just because she can't understand something, she assumes, because she is a self-loathing misogynist, that all other women are like her. Just because I don't understand why grown-ass men watch My Little Pony, doesn't mean bronies can't enjoy their favorite TV show, it just means that show is not for me. Just because Miss Ellmers can't understand politics, doesn't mean all women are clueless as her; it just means she shouldn't be a politician. Maybe she would be happier selling used cars. She doesn't have to understand how they work, but she can get the deal done. Also, a used car saleswoman is a huge step up from a Republican Congresswoman.


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