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So Scott Brown is working hard at becoming the first man to lose two elections against a woman, and Chris Sununu is helping him! Chris is the son of former George H.W. Bush's Chief of staff, Governor of New Hampshire, and a surrogate for Mitt Romney in 2012. So Chris gets in front of a group of people and actually says this:

I love the guy who shouted out "Yes!" when Chris Sununu said "a phony from Massachusetts." Go back and listen. It's my favorite part.

Scott Brown just stood there and took it, too. He didn't even blink. Wow.

Sorry if you wanted more comments on this, but that's all I got, I am writing this before tonight where I am part of a Plein Air competition and then I'm taking my kid to a free screening of Ghostbusters. I will let you know what happens in the contest, but until then, I have a burning question:

Do you like Word Salad and want to help support me? I write several scripts out and pick which one I think is the best to post, but sometimes there are some perfectly good comics I write that never see the light of day. I was thinking of building a subscription service and I will share rejected Word Salads like this one:

Steve Douchey is a scum bag. He practically said this as a joke. Hitting women isn't funny and that is why I didn't run this. Louis Gohmert was also in contention this week. Please let me know if this is something you are willing, or even not willing to subscribe to. Your answers are important to me.


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