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In 2008 there was something likable about Mike Huckabee. Although I would disagree with his positions when he played air hockey with Stephen Colbert, there was still something likable about him. However, in 2014, he has come across as a depraved, sexist pig. (No, pig is not in reference with the weight he has gained recently. There will be no size shaming here.)

What makes me most revolted about Mike Huckabee is the racism in his arguments. Now, before I get the whole "you don't know what is in his heart" B.S., understand that racism exists within the white power structure. Whether you want to or not, whether you realize it or not, just by being white in America you participate on some level, whether intentionally or unintentionally, in racism. That doesn't necessarily make you racist; I don't think Mike Huckabee thinks that black people are inferior to him, however, he readily participates in racism. Because he does not see his privilege in society. If you look at what white privilege is, you can see why I am calling him out on this. I admit I'm white and I'm privileged; I will admit that I have made mistakes with perceived micro-aggressions, and micro-aggressions are complicated and ugly. I understand I am not perfect and I will inadvertently make mistakes. I hope some real talk can keep it real. Mike Huckabee isn't keeping it real. He supports really hateful things, and of course he doesn't see himself as a bad guy. That charming guy from 2008 has disappeared and been replaced with an empty shell of a man who avoids owning up to his shortcomings by claiming God made him do it!

Oh and he did say that!


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