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Tucker Carlson isn't man enough to handle the work of Genndy Tartakovsky. Popeye is an antiquated cartoon that could have new life to it if someone as talented as Genndy Tartakovsky makes an attempt at a remake, and of course there are changes that have to made for modern TV. First of all, who smokes at all these days? Sure Tucker Carlson smokes a cigar with his elitest corporate masters, but when's the last time you've seen someone smoke a pipe in the middle of the street? It's a concept that is so outdated it's ridiculous.

Society has moved forward, but sadly, Carlson has not.

So Tucker Carlson and his friends over at Fox don't realize that their views on Popeye are as antiquated as Popeye is. Popeye's history is interesting, but I'm skipping the fascinating part to this: Popeye was racist propaganda during World War II depicting the Japanese as animals and less than human.

That's what people like Tucker Carlson want, propoganda and racism.

But we all know that Tucker Carlson wants to suck on something long and to fill him up and make his brain feel good. Of corse, Tucker Carlson never saw this:

So Tuck, what do you think about that? Smoking makes you gay!

Do you like Word Salad and want to help support me? I write several scripts out and pick which one I think is the best to post, but sometimes there are some perfectly good comics I write that never see the light of day. I was thinking of building a subscription service and I will share rejected Word Salads like this one:

So this guy, a man who works for an organization who hides pedophiles from justice, wants to talk about the first amendment. If he wants the government to stop a religious organization from hurting people, why not start with the Catholic church. Be careful what you ask for, because you might find yourself arrested for child rape.


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