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What is it with conservatives being obsessed with Obama's race? As Eddie S. Glaude Jr. once said "People become so Obama obsessed that it short circuits a nuanced analysis." I have a suspicion why Ben Carson is harping on that, despite 400 years of white supremacy otherwise, Ben Carson wants to be the first black president, even though we have 400 years of "the one drop rule." It doesn't matter that Obama is "half white," because he will always be black in the eyes of America.

I hope that our next black president isn't Ben Carson, because his anti-intellectualism, and lack of general knowledge would make him the next incompetent president. After Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, why don't we have someone who actually has a clue for a change?

I’ve been working on building a website for my art, activism and comics. When I make Word Salad, I write several comics and pick one, like this week I was amused by the interesting parallel:

I would say more about this other than Dinesh D'Souza is so dumb, he actually found the only election law left in this country and broke it, but he is an irrelevant person. Don't drop the soap, Dinesh!


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