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+Nikki Haley is South Carolina's governor, and she is obviously very corrupt. From campaign finance scandals, to, as S.C.'s snarky but solid website FitsNews said:

Haley proposed income disclosure for lawmakers – even though she failed to disclose more than $40,000 she received from a company doing business before the state. She proposed consolidating ethics cases under an independent agency – even though she relied on a corrupt committee of her former peers to evade conviction on a wide range of ethics charges last summer. She pushed for mandatory recusals from office – even though she failed to recuse herself from votes benefiting her secret employer. She demanded reforms to the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – even though her administration has illegally deleted emails and deliberately withheld public information from reporters. And she asked lawmakers to correct a flawed election law that resulted in hundreds of candidates being booted from the 2012 ballot – even though she co-authored the statute with her longtime ally, S.C. Rep. Nathan Ballentine.

Of course Haley’s personal hypocrisy on this issue is only part of the problem … despite her promises to reform state government, South Carolina remains one of the most corruptsecretive governments in America under her rule.


So this might be a moment of honesty from her. Why would CEOs complain about a flag that symbolizes black genocide and slavery? It's what they want after all! Chris Hayes recently said, "Again, I'm not talking about the moral price tag which is incalculable. I'm talking about what the slavery meant to the economy of Southern slave owners. And that economic value was about $10 trillion. And those slaveholders, the slave power feared they were going to be forced to give it up." So basically, strictly on the economic side, slaves were good for business. Why not? If you needed more power, you could rape some women, and you could sell off some of your bastards if you wanted to. Nowadays, you can't rape an employee and use your "gift from God" as a new, unpaid employee. Why would a CEO object to a symbol of white supremacy since they want to return to the feudal system that was once the south?

Why not?What morals does a corporation even have? As Jim Hightower said "The managers have no responsibility-none-to workers, environment, consumers, community, flag or anything else. To the contrary, the entire incentive is for the managers to cut corners,to short-change, to exploit. It is not a matter of a CEO's good intentions or bad-it is the bottom line., and it must be served."

So again, why would a CEO care? Does it affect their bottom line?

Why does Nikki Haley not care? Because the people who really pay her haven't given her an opinion to have. This just might be the first honest thing she's said this week.

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