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I feel funny not doing this at the protests. Okay, welcome to the newest chapter of Right About Now. I am kind of excited because in this chapter I get to shake up the story telling a bit. In fact, with tomorrow's strip, Michael isn't even in it. Not even his feet.

For those who are wondering "Mr. Hurricane" is a great song by an incredible band named Beast. They are a French band that can only be described as Combustible Edisons crossed with Rage Against the Machine with some gospel sprinkled on top. Their self-titled album is incredible. If you want to hear the song "Mr. Hurricane" check them out here. If you want to buy the song, please do, as a struggling artist, I encourage it, and you can buy it from iTunes.

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Cameron Webb (cameron) says:

This is great! Particularly with the Takei reference! And the pointer to the campaign! Your comic is awesome! I have long been fascinated with comics that tackle day to day living. You are in a fine tradition, with a great twist on the politics of it! I look forward to seeing what you do next! 

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