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Here is an Alfred Hitchcock moment. Yes, faithful viewers, that is me! You might recognize me from the Gene Colan strip. Here I am drawing myself in my own style. Funny thing is, I kept the Gene Colan art above my desk in my studio so I can look at great art while I work.

Here we begin a new chapter in the comic. I hope I have built enough to make this work without being at the protests. I think the first chapter where we left the protests, the comic wasn't strong enough. However, this is a planned out story arc. 

Sunday is a special "Right About Now" which I have been mulling over for months. I couldn't run a BachmannLand on Sunday because it is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I want to write something that sums up my feelings about the day.

I love traveling, whether on planes or trains. Public transportation in general. My favorite thing is meeting new people. Several years ago, I went to New Orleans. I had a blast and met so many wonderful people. On the plane I met what, at first, I thought, was a nice lady. We had a fun discussion of comics. She learned that there is very little money in comics, she told me about how the artist of "Dennis the Menace" came to her church. Then she shocked me. Keep in mind, this was early 2008, before the Tea Party reared its ugly head. She espoused the Tea Party view of "I got mine, you can't have anymore" and then combined it with the Tea Party racism about how Blacks are always begging for money. I was astonished. As those who read my comic know, I know a thing or two about the Bible and I had never seen anyone (at that point) who was Christian, racist, and selfish. We were about to land and landing on airplanes makes me a little nervous (Take offs I find to be adrenaline rushes!) Up to that point I'd had a great conversation with her.

However, she was nicely contrasted with the nice little old lady who sat next to me on the bus who told me that her first time on an airplane was during Katrina. She had the best line and we both laughed really hard at it. "You're flying me where? To Florida? Ain't that where the hurricane come from?"

So there is Michael on a plane sitting next to me. I wonder what the conversation will sound like...

Cameron Webb (29615) says:

I found out after the towers came down. I was working shift work and my roommates had let me sleep. I got up, and walked out into the den and turned and looked at the TV. By that time they had the events of the morning eddited down to this; 1st plane hits the 1st tower, 2nd plane hits the other one, a few seconds of smoke and fire, and the both towers came crashing down. My legs went out from under me - they had to catch me. I spent the next few days, suddenly finding my self with tears running down my face at random moments. Thanks for your artwork...its very powerful and meaningful - all the more so this day. 

J Andrew World (jandrewworld) says:

Thank you, Cameron. Your words have really touched me. And thank you for sharring your story. I found it hard to do something fictional, so I shared my own story. 

Christine Elder (celder58) says:

good luck

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