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When Scott Walker won the recall, I thought organized labor lost. 

This is the first important fight post-Scott Walker buying the election. We need to have a victory here. This won't just help the hundred or so people who are protesting but this will help other people in other jobs. 

This argument is what you will see fleshed out.

If you can and you find it in your heart, please help support these workers as they stand up for their rights. Donate to help these families get through this fight.


Ashford Wyrd (wyrdness) says:

Actually the second amendment was about the people's right to change or abolish a government that had become detrimental to their rights. All ten amendments in the Bill Of Rights are there to protect the people from possible state opression. The first is about freedom to believe what you will and express your grievences with the state without fear. It IS the most important because without it, the rest are meaningless.

J Andrew World (jandrewworld) says:

True, and we are the government, and if we the people do not stand up for the rights of our brothers and sisters out there, who will stand up for our rights when they get taken from us?

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