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Michele Bachmann is irrelevant. Who cares about her any more? In a district that was redistricted by Republicans to secure her seat and after she spent 12 to 1 over her opponent, she still only got 50.59% of the vote. That's screwed up! Who knows what shenanigans the Republican party did to suppress the vote. I guess a corporate whore like Bachmann would be a worth while investment.

Seeing as how the final BachmannLand did not have Michele Bachmann, I figured the first Word Salad should. So I pulled this gem of her sounding like an idiot and tied it right back to her. But when I was looking for a photo to use, I saw the one with an empty chair and well, you're looking at my insane thoughts! She would lose to an empty chair. Clint Eastwood did. Mitt Romney did. It was the most perfect metaphor of people who live in BachmannLand because in BachmannLand, there is a President Obama only Republicans can see.

BachmannLand is a special place but like invisible Obama jokes, Michele Bachmann has made herself irrelevant. Welcome to Word Salad. I hope you like croutons!


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