Monday through Thursday
"Right About Now" is about a politically minded high school student witnessing the protests in Madison, Wisconsin first hand.

This was the last comic that went live on Drunk Duck before their site crashed and they lost my account. I am unsure how many of my faithful readers have even seen this comic.

I was orginally going to somehow have all the information in "Till Death do we part... part 1" however, the passing would not have worked. Besides, I think Dan and Michael are starting to find their own voices in the comic.


Special Contest Announcement!

Tuesday 5/3 marks the first new strip since Drunk Duck crashed. Excited? Me too. So here is the deal, we want to come back in a big way and reward my readers and followers especially people who have enjoyed my comic from the beginning. At midnight on 5/3 I will post something on twitter and I will select one person at random who will retweets that post to win some art used in "Right About Now" Just follow @jandrewworld


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