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Okay, this one deserves some explanation. I came across this quote reading about what's happening in Wisconsin. My jaw hit the floor. So I looked it up in context, and was appuled that this was not really out of context. Glenn Grothman is making the argument that there is no benefit from preschool in academics. However, his argument is basically "When the sales of ice cream rise, so does the crime rate." Thus this shows that he has no idea what he is talking about. You can read the full article here.

My reaction was the same as Michael's. I read and reread the quote making sure I understood what he was saying and a part of my brain was reeling at the stupidity. Part of me hopes that not quoted that he sighted a study that supports his stupidity, but I can garentee that there isn't one. On the flip side, the state of california has created a wonderful page that explains the benifits of a child atending preschool.

The best I can tell is two things, 1) Mr. Grothman failed to sperate things like "Your child can read" propaganda which can harm your child's development with what preschool actually does. And 2) Mr. Grothman has never himself, or anyone in his imediate family has attended preschool. He has no clue what is involved in the classroom and perhaps should stop by a local school to investigate for himself what really is going on. Perhaps then the Republican Wiscansin elected officals can have an unerstanding what is involved teaching their children and grandchildren as opposed to ballancing the budget on the back of the middleclass.

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