Monday through Thursday

Oh, Dave Robinson, why do you always steal Mondays? At least there are no mullets harmed in the making of this comic. 

I am happy to say, I have finally figured out how to draw Sue Robinson, Michael's Mom. It took me long enough. I have never planned ahead with the comic. I draw all the characters straight onto the page. So I better get them right!

Technically, Scott Walker included the Beer War in the passed budget. I for one am not a beer drinker, but I love microbrewed root beers. So I can apperciate where beer drinkers are coming from. I search high and low for good root beer. Vigil's in my mind is the best (Although I am drinking an IBC right now.) Although craft beer is 5% of the beer sales in Wisconsin, the sales are going up as beer sales in general are on the decline. This only hurts the small businesses.

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