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Okay, I was annoyed at the destruction of a fair election. I was ticked off that another conservative activist judge has been put on a Supreme Court. I am also annoyed that Prosser has (best to my knowlege) never said anything about the questionable circumstances of his re-election. (To be fair, if there was a federal investigation which found that there was nothing underhanded in his re-election, then perhaps I would feel better about it.)

Seriously, when someone who is  an elected official does something illegal, or even is accused of it, and does not step down, it makes Anthony Weiner look good. Maybe if he tweeted a picture of his junk while choking Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Ann Walsh Bradley. This is not the first time Justice Prosser has shown anger at one of his co-workers. I believe you may remember what I said about him a few strips ago.

Justice Prosser needs to at least take a leave of absence for anger issues. As far as I see it, he is unfit for humanity.

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