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First, some business. Tomorrow at 3pm I will be doing a drawing workshop as a part of children's programming at Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD. Stop by and say hi!

Now, on to Gene Colan. There is so much I want to say about this and I had to leave it at 3 panels. Gene Colan wasn't someone who, like Will Eisner created the language that comic artists use or Jack Kirby that showed us how dynamic comics can be, he was an artist's artist. Other artists looked up to him because he had a realistic style that was all his own. His approach to light and shadows are amazing and he makes it look effortless.

My dad had the books "Origins" and "Sons of the Origins" and in "Sons of the Origins" was Daredevil. Everyone talks about the Frank Miller run, however, often overlooked was Gene Colan's run. Frank Miller took what Gene Colan did and continued it out. Colan's mood and shadows and grittiness is what Frank Miller was inspired by. Yes, Frank Miller did write it better, but Gene Colan drew it better. Gene Colan did everything in comics. He inked Jack Kirby, drew Romance comics, and his work on "The Tomb of Dracula" is some of Marvel's best horror comics to date.

There was mood in everything Gene Colan did. It was amazing what he was able to express. Humor, romance, drama, action, horror, the man made it look easy. Like I said before, Michael Whelan made me want to be an artist, Gene Colan was the artist I wanted to be.

I hope I was able to draw like him in these three panels. I learned a lot trying to emulate him. You should look back in my archives and see if you can see Gene Colan's influence on my work. It is there.

Quite often Michael speaks in my voice. Michael is the most like me in many respects. However, what I wanted to say could not be said by Michael. I had to say it. Gene, I am sorry I never got to meet you. Tears fall down my face as I write this to you. Your work is really important to me and I hope wherever you are, you can see my small piece of the web and know that you are loved.

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