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One of my favorite movie is Commando with Arnold Schwartzenegger. It's a terrible film, however it's so fun to watch. The movie is about Ahnold is a retired super soldier with his daughter (Played by Ayssa Milano) and a group of mercanaries kidnaps his daughter and forces him to go on a mission for them. Ahnold escapes and has however many hours the flight he is suppose to be on takes to rescue his daughter.

If you think during this movie, you will find logic is not something even used. It's Schwartzenegger blowing stuff up and killing people. You may be asking yourself what I am even talking about at this point, well here he go. My favorite line from the film needs to be set up. One of the mercenaries that was putting Ahnold on the plane made a joke. Schwartenegger turned to him and said "You're funny, I'll kill you last." As he escapes from the plane he is suppose to be on, he first catches the scent of this funny merc, after a crazy car chase and kidnapping of flight attendant Rae Dawn Chong (Tommy Chong's daughter); he is holding this mercenary over a cliff by the ankle getting information out of him. ("I'm sorry, this is my weak arm.") After he gets all the information needed from this guy he says "Remember when I said I'll kill you last?" The guy nods in nervous agreement. "I lied." and then dropped the guy into the canyon like a Road Runner cartoon.

My point is (Wait, what?) remember when I said I'd tell you today about the guy in the wheelchair? I lied.


Anyone here seen the protests in recents weeks? One thing you will see in the crowd is red mylar balloons. The reason why is in the story, a protester was attacked by a Republican with a knife popping her balloon. This is why the Republican party makes me sick.

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