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All right, again, sorry about not posting the comic where Michael asks his parents to go on FOX News. The comic is drawn and needs to be scanned in. But because of the hurricane, I am behind. However, here is a comic I have been sitting on for weeks just waiting to be posted. I have a BachmannLand strip about Rick Perry that keeps getting postponed. This is techincally a Friday bonus Right About Now, however, you get it on Monday.

 My wedding anniversary is today. I have been married 8 years to my incredibly beautiful wife and I love her more each day.

Now onto the douchebaggery!

Okay, so Tom Coburn gave a really offensive speach where he said he would like to shoot most of the Senate, and that Obama is spoiled as a privileged black person through affirmative action. Of course, being white means you do not know what it means to be privileged.

I get really angry when I see this type of racism because it is just ignorance. Once you start doing that you end up with "White Pride" like the Klan and "Straight Pride." Which then leads to trying to "Get back what is yours." The worst part is, he thought he was defending Obama by saying this. 

I don't think Tom Coburn will be burning crosses on the White House lawn. Honestly, this kind of speech, someone should pull him aside and say "Hey, whoa Tom, what you said back there about the President is really offensive and makes you look ignorant." When you have that conversation, it is a lot easier to have them say off the bat, 'You're racist." Because when a leader talks like that, some or many people in that audience would burn crosses on the White House lawn, if they could.

His call for violence, however is inexcuseable.

Finally, his call for chickens is laughable. What is incredible, is he did all this in one speech!

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