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This is my 100th strip! How awesome is that? Can you believe I have made 100 of these bloody things? It's really great that this is where my 100th strip is because, let's face it: As much as this story is interesting, how much longer after Scott Walker gets recalled can the strip go on without collapsing? I am making a pivot, so this comic can run for more than a year. 

However, this does not mean I am turning my back on Wisconsin, I will just additionally be focusing on more national issues. I sadly am at a point where I can't turn back and do the Neo Nazi rally. However, I am at the beginning stages, now that 100 strips are done, to start looking into publishing a collection. The strips will run in a different order, and I think I will have several bonus comics. For you David Silverman fans out there, Dave and I will be at cons together, so you can get both of us to sign the book.

That reminds me, Monday begins the guest appearance of David Silverman. So please stick around for that.

Also, "This week in BachmannLand" will not be running on Sunday. Because it is 9/11, I am showing some reverence. However, there will be a special "Right About Now" running on Sunday, so please come back for that. 

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