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It is here! David Silverman, president of American Atheists will guest star all week! Okay, a little back story from behind the scenes.

Dave and his wife Hildy have been friends of my wife and I for years. When we first met, we were at a con party and we geeked out about our awesome children. (Now their daughter babysits mine at cons.) Dave has been slowly gaining popularity and working his way up through the ranks of American Atheists. When I started my comic I was thinking of how I can use real people in my comic. Lets face it, this will draw new readers. (Hello David Silverman fans and welcome!) 

One thing with this comic, I have a feeling that after Scott Walker gets recalled, that national interest in Wisconsin politics will wane. So I need to pivot and change the comic to a more national view of politics, then there may be some life to this comic. I figured I would make Michael an internet sensation and turn him into a "kid reporter." Because of this, I needed him to get on TV. I was thinking that maybe he would be on Countdown or The Rachel Maddow Show. One problem with a real person, is, unless they are a politician, you have to get their permission to use them in a comic.

Then the idea came to me. I will ask my friend, and frequent FOX news guest, David Silverman to guest star in my comic. Thus, instead of appearing on a liberal program, I can use my comic as a conversation starter about what's wrong with FOX. I asked Dave and he loved the idea. However, he asked two things. 1) Don't make him look stupid and 2) use the "meme face." So you can see in panel 3 I did so. I was orginally planning to only have him in one or two panels, then I had a conversation with Hildy, and she was talking about how Dave's success has created rabid fans. We were laughing off the questions they asked Hildy. He has certainly become a rockstar in the atheist community. After letting this gestate for a while, I wrote a week's worth of comics.

So welcome to, what, in my household we call Silverman week.

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