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This strip was based on a real conversation. I was the one trying to come up with a catch phrase. As you can see, the result was an F bomb from Hildy.

Besides being a fan, Hildy Silverman is the owner and editor of a fine literary magazine, Space and Time Magazine. She also happens to be finding some success as an author as well. You can find her short fiction in "Damned Inspiration" (2009, Bad-Ass Fairies, Mundania Press), "Uddereek" (2010, In All Their Glory, Mundania Press), "Off-the-Wagon Dragon" (2010, Dragon's Lure, DarkQuest Books). "The Vampire Escalator of the Passaic Promenade" (2010, New Blood, Padwolf Press),"The Darren" (2009, Witch Way to the Mall?, Baen Books), and "Sappy Meals" (2010, Fangs for the Mammaries, Baen Books). (She did not name any of those collections, sorry for the puns.)

I think if I am ever on TV being interviewed now, I am going to have to drop an F-Bomb.

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