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Ann Coulter is like an insult comic. After a while you are bored of them quite quickly. The problem is, she is pulled out of a drawer, dusted off, and sent after whatever the right wants to be attacked and she gets everyone upset and not talking about the issues. I try to ignore her. But come on, really? Calling Kindergarten teachers useless is a new low for her.

 She is the kind of speaker who goes into conservative conferences and gets the crowd rallied up. Her attacks get softened, fluffed up, shined and then ready to sell to the right. 

The problem is she doesn't elevate the conversation. The minute Ann Coulter shows up, the collective intelligence of the conversation makes a double digit drop. Honestly, I have nothing against attack dogs, as long as they create a discussion afterward that is meaningful and intelligent. I like Michael Moore. I don't always like his methods(Putting a camera outside of Linda Tripp's home was over the top, but it did raise the question in a provocative way, was Monica Lewinsky's privacy violated?) 

Ann Coulter is basically Andrew Dice Clay. And like the Diceman, she should be forgotten.

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