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That concludes David Silverman's guest appearance....for now. He will return for one more strip. Who knows, maybe we can have another guest appearance in the future. We shall see. 

But don't stop reading, I have more news.

I am in the middle of putting together the very first Right About Now collection. It will contain never before seen strips, including a never seen before story, available only in the printed edition. I can't wait to hold a copy in my hands, but I have to work on the new material and edit again the old material. Also, I have to make a cover. I have a lot of work cut out before it's done. The book will be in a different order than the website, this will allow easier reading for the story. My goal is to have it out before Christmas.

If you want to see some art from one of the new strips, I just recently changed the profile picture of the facebook group dedicated to Right About Now. As time goes on, I may add another sneak peak or two on the group, so check often and don't forget to like us!

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Christine Elder (celder58) says:

good luck

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