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I have mixed feelings about charter schools. I am concerned that our education is being sold off to big business. Now, a lot of charter schools are run by non-profits. That is cool, because education should be something that doesn't make money. Education is an investment. Yet private industry does find a way to rip people off. I am proud to say the first 2 years I was in college I never bought 1 book. I borrowed from friends or was in art classes.

I was listening to NPR and they discussed the school closings in DC. Which made me question why the schools  closed so abruptly. I like the idea of specialized schools. However, I wonder why these schools close so fast? They open just as fast, too. Which also makes you wonder how a school can fail in 2 years? I mean teachers take 5 years before they are effective, and then the school gets shut down in 2 year? The reason given on the NPR story has to be money. You can extrapolate 2 things from this, 1) people are not investing properly into education and 2) where is the money going?

I have no answers on this. I could also be wrong. However, I would be curious to find anyone trying to answer these questions.


****Special Announcement****

Want to protest against Scott Walker? (If the answer is no, then why are you reading my comic?) Want to protest on a boat? Want to protest Scott Walker while on a boat when he is playing croquet? Want to protest Scott Walker while on a boat while he is playing croquet with a live DJ? Well if you answered yes, then this Thursday, September 22nd is your lucky day! The DJ is not guaranteed, but much fun and making your voice heard sure will be! You can view it on Facebook, let's keep fighting the good fight.


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