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I never thought I would see tax debate in a comic strip. Okay, first, Tax cuts do not help the economy!

Tax cuts cause economic stagnation! We get tax cut after tax cut-- our taxes are the lowest we have seen in 60 years! What we need is jobs! More people working means more money is paid in taxes and the less we have to pay in unemployment. If you have less money you do not have more. The Republican argument is that 0 is greater than 1. This makes no sense.

50% of americans don't pay taxes is a myth. 14% don't pay taxes.

This brings us to the "Fair Tax." First of all, it's a stupid idea, and anyone who is pushing for it is a moron who doesn't know what they are talking about. Fair tax, flat tax and national retail tax all want to shift the economic burden to the middle class and poor.

If you want to read more, please read some Paul Krugman. He explains all of this in his blog. He's a smart guy. He won a prize.

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