Monday through Thursday

I am back in business. Now I just have to catch up!

As you may know, my daughter accidently smashed the monitor of my lap top. Due to the very used and very well traveled condition of my CPU, it would cost as much to buy a new computer as it would to get the old one fixed. So I had to get a new computer. Unfortunately I still have everything on the old computer. To top it off, it wasn't until yesterday before I finally successfully got Photoshop back on my computer.

Between this computer ordeal, I also had a nasty bout of stomach flu. Now my oldest has it. I will be running double comics today and tomorrow, plus a bonus comic on Saturday. And double BachmannLand on Sunday. Providing I don't die.

So far, so good. No death.

Well thank you, my loyal readers, for understanding! Hopefully today I can catch up. Until then!

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