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Okay, first off, sorry I have missed the last two weeks. But I have you Bachmann fix right here, because her stupidity doesn't take a break!

Okay, citation time!

Michele Bachmann is a Neo-Confederalist. Or at least she likes their writings. Which is probably why she signed the petition from them that says Blacks were better off as slaves. Because of that, I just added her racism and slander of the President as "I hate blacks" attitude. Did Herman Cain need to be attacked for his 999 plan? Absolutely. But did she need an apocalyptic dog whistle? No.

She has called Obama Anti-American and she has associated herself with people who have called him the Anti-Christ. Then, just to show everone that she is racist, by associating Herman Cain's plan with the devil.

Next up, all I have to say is, yes, she did say that, and SCIENCE! (For the life of me, I could not figure out how to embed the video. Sorry.)

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