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I have been rattled tonight. First, while working in my studio, I heard a gun shot. My studio is in Baltimore so that is quite possible. Baltimore is home of Homicide: Life on the Streets and The Wire. If you are at all familiar with those shows, there is a reason they are set in Baltimore. I played it cool on the way back to my car. Left my traveling art supplies behind (I brought them in to scan what I had been working on.) And so to calm my nerves, I came home and watched the "Walking Dead."

Now that was a good idea.

I was at Capclave this weekend. They brought in Terry Pratchett as a special guest. His speech was wonderful. If you want to watch the full hour, you certainly may.

As some of you may know, Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's. He also plans on having an assisted death. However, I totally understand his reasons.

Seeing him being much more frail then I remember him and knowing this, this could have been my last chance to see him. He has brought much joy in my life, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

This is not the first time I have seen him.

I will never forget being on an elevator, and in walks Sir Terry Pratchett. He was standing between me and another elevator rider. As Mr. Pratchett entered the elevator, the guy on the opposite side turned to his friends and telegraphed that he was going to impress Terry Pratchett.

"Hello, Mister Pratchett, sir," He began with a much deeper voice then he was speaking with a moment earlier. "How are you enjoing the con so far, sir?"

Terry Pratchett rolled his eyes at him towards me. 

I, in my inebriated state, just smiled and said "S'up, dawg."

The elevator dings. The door opens, and Terry Pratchett leaves.

At Capclave, for those people who did not watch the video, he had a great quote, "Stop using the word awesome. Unless you mean God and Satah going to fight in front of your eyes. A really good cup of coffee, is a really good cup of coffee, it is not awesome." In honor of Terry Pratchett I will change the sign to God and Satan fighting. Then it would be awesome.

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