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After I first got married, my father-in-law tried to convince me to get a government job. This was during Bush's first term, mind you. I tried to explain to him that it was against my values. I don't care if government work pays well and has great benefits. What does the job mean if I sacrifice my values. I worked for a company with a CEO that actually valued the employee. The pay was okay (Fine for a single guy who had very little overhead and an active social life.) The CEO said "There are two jobs, you serve the customer or you serve the server." Len Roberts was the CEO and RadioShack was the company, and in the 90's it was good place to work for. Then he left and the first thing the new CEO did was cut our paychecks. All the good employees left and then the stock plummeted. There are other stupid things the company did, but that is beside the point.

I was a part of the community and respected. It was the last of the old main street shops. Sadly, corporate culture does not respect that. If you are loyal to your employees, they will be loyal to you. It was not a perfect place to work, however, this gave me valuable lessons in life.

Your job should match your values. This creates job satisfaction. 

I love doing this comic. I wish the pay was better, but nobody gets rich making comics. You make little money in the business of comics. But job satisfaction is off the scale. And I don't have to sacrifice my values.

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