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As promised, Double BachmannLand, I think I am getting caught back up. Now, to work on the buffer and work on the first collection. I have some cool things happening over the next several weeks, and, if I can work out the details, a big anouncement *AND* a new website!

Okay, onto the citations!

Herman Cain. "Black Walnut", what can I say? Herman Cain did say what you see, but to be fair, not all at once. I used 3 quotes and arranged into what you see above. Part of me wants to make more Herman Cain in BachmannLand. He certainly lives there. I mean, have you seen this?

From Black Walnut to just plain nuts, Michele Bachmann actually said that the same week she skipped the vote on the "Let her Die" bill. I think we all know which way she would have voted. Especually after saying what I quoted her as saying and this.

I don't understand how she can believe what she believes. But then again, she probably is used to being subserviant to misogyny anyways. Or at least, that's what her husband tells her to do.

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