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Rick Santorum. Your last name is something that can't be mentioned in polite conversation. It is appropriate to have done this to him. You hatred for gays and women makes me sick. He hates Muslims and he is a hateful and petty man. He is not a man of God like he claims because of all the hate he espouses.

He is well established in the 1%. After loosing his seat in 2006 he went to work for a law firm that says on their website: "At Eckert Seamans, the team will provide clients legal counsel and government affairs strategies regarding legislative and regulatory matters at the federal, state and municipal levels.  The bi-partisan group brings a solid track record of success and experience across multiple disciplines including government and administrative law, regulated industries law, including energy, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, alcoholic beverage control and health care as well as lobbying, political and legislative strategy services."

One of my big problems with him, today, is how he uses his special needs child as tool to push his anti-choice agenda. I have no problem with him going through and having a special needs child. Certainly that is commendable. But then to pull her out and use her as a political prop makes me sick.

It is a hard choice to knowingly have a special needs child. Especially considering that you have to plan for their care even after you are gone. But what are poor people supposed to do? Knowing that they have a child, whom we know they love, that will never be self sufficient, at best, not entirley. A child which will need your finantcial support for the next 40 to 60 years is a lofty thing to do when you are part of the 99%. We can't all be corporate lobbyist like Santorum. He sits in his mansion divorced from reality, proving he is full of the fecal matter and other stuff from the definition that Dan Savage gave to us.

Please, do not Google search him at work. You could be fired.


***********SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*******************

Tuesday is Concealed Camera Day in the Wisconsin Assembly Gallery

Please, if you can make it and are up for some civil disobedience, show up at the Capitol armed with a camera and sit quietly durng the general assembly. It is not against the federal or state constitution to do this, however, the police have arrested and jailed people who have done such a thing. For more information, please visit the facebook page.


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