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I think I should thank a few people. First of all, Gordon Nash, for sharing his photos of Vance Gilbert with me. Gordon is a selfless and wonderful person, and helped me get the art right. And secondly Vance Gilbert himself for letting me bring his story into my comic. His music is beautiful, just like his heart. I must have seen him a couple of dozen times over the years. To have heard that such a wonderful and kind man was needlessly harrassed breaks my heart. 

The police seem nothing but professional in this story, however, it reminds me of my experience flying a few years ago. I was in New Orleans. I had nothing but trouble getting back to the airport. Fortunately, some nice people helped get me there. (there's some hilarious stories, too. Me: Elf Place? Trolley Driver: Yes, Elk Place! Me: Elf as in the magical woodland creature? Trolley Driver: Um...sure.) Sadly, I arrived right when my plane was leaving. I exasperated when I was trying to get on another flight. I will admit to being snappy, but never did I yell at the woman behind the counter. She said that I did. I apologized to her. When I was finally boarding the plane the next day after sleeping in the airport, I was frisked. Now this is before the full body scanners. I passed the metal detector and yet, I had to have a full pat down.

I had a feeling the woman at the counter somehow flagged me to be frisked. I have suspected that for a long time. However, I have a feeling that there is a deficit of training. We have people who make bad calls and we have seen a ton of TSA harrassment issues and we are forced to put up with it as we the tax payers have to subsidize this harrassment.

On to the day's Vance Gilbert song. This one is a love song to his best friend, Ellis Paul,who moved off to Tennessee. So he wrote a song. Here it is:


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