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King of Rome made me a Vance Gilbert fan. He does this song off mic. He doesn't have a head set, his voice just carries itself through the room. First time I remember hearing King of Rome was at the Northampton Folk Festival in 1999. I was hanging out in the back waiting for Moxy Fruvous to play so I could run up and dance. At the top of the hill Vance's voice came up, as he was away from the mic and I found a tear in my eye hearing the story of Charlie. I was really moved. The first time I talked to Vance, I told him about how "The Pigeon Song" really moved me. I wonder if you can guess what his response was.

My favorite thing he had ever said to me was "Oh my god, I am being accosted by white children!"

Now, without further ado, King of Rome, off mic at some venue.


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