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Here is the final installment of Vance Gilbert's Bogus Journey. I hope y'all enjoyed the ride. 

Now here is an epilogue of sorts, from Vance Gilbert's webpage:


The ACLU tracked down the police report from the MA State Police. Note that this isn't an arrest, there's no warrant for me having fled to Poland, there is no police record, and I'm not on any no-fly list. It is, however, as I suspected - some passenger was panicked by my 1940's historic Polish aircraft reading material, overheard and saw me ask the flight attendant to allow me to keep my fanny pack at my feet, and demanded something be done.

The report also said I "became resistant when she (flight attendant) asked him to place his carryon bag in the overhead compartment". What actually happened is that the flight attendant grabbed the bag and was putting it in the overhead when I said "Ma'am, it's my wallet and I'd rather keep that at my feet..."


As of right now, United Airlines has yet to have apologize for these events. I wish I knew what to say or do to help Vance get the justice that he deserves. I really do.

What I can say is buy an album or two for someone this holiday season or at the very least pay to download a song or two for yourself. I have given you a taste of Vance's music and persona. With that, for the final Vance song, I give you "My Bad." There is a lovely intro that explains the song, too. And this doesn't have any "Folk Turrets."

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