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There is a video that the always amazing and talented S#!t Scott Walker is Doing to my State, SSWIDTMS, Arthur made. Typically I take what he and his merry band of Wisconsin Protesters have done and use the cast of Right About Now to recreate it. Ironically Michael Robinson, citizen journalist and Arthur both began separately and it seems we have life imitating art and vice versa.

Arthur made a video that should go viral and get him an invitation to Bill O'Reilly's show...


If you want to see it, I have it here.

Due to time, I couldn't track down Mary Jo, the woman who is in this video. I wrote and illustrated this comic within 24 hours of seeing the video..

However, I keep in touch with Arthur who is an invaluable resource for my comic. Beyond being there in the streets, and helping raise awareness as one of the citizen journalists fighting for social justice, he provides me with various protests and I get the word out. I do what I can.

Please like his page on Facebook and watch some of his awesome videos.

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