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I really don't like Ron Paul. Can you tell?

I wrote this a week or two ago, and the day that I was off in my studio, which by the way, has no internet, Los Angeles Times releaced more of his newletters, and Ron Paul once again, in his whyny, reedy voice said "It wasn't me. I didn't write it." Although in 1996, he didn't deny it.

The worse part is how he has avoided being interviewed by anyone who would ask him tough questions. Why? I think he knows he is not qualified and is just as crazy as everyone else who are front runners of the Republican ticket. (He talks about himself enough in these brown noser's chats with him. Nothing about the American people.) He doesn't seem to have any interviews with Rachel Maddow for example. He has in the past. She would have him. But it would probably turn out like Wensday's CNN interview.

I'd hate to say it, but Mayby Bill O'Rielly is right? Maybe Ron Paul is afraid to be on his program.


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