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Remember when the presidential election was two candidates who were both qualified and the difference was the debate of which vision our country would prosper better under? One can argue that this hasn't really happened since 1952.

2012 will not be one of those years unless we nominate Buddy Roemer for Republican nominee for president. Buddy Roemer has a history that would make Independents swoon. He has had executive experience as governor of Louisiana and he has run a small business, a independent bank, which has not had any of the issues that the big banks have had.

When he says small business, he is not referring to Koch industries, he is referring to the business down the street that has 1 or 2 locations. He genuinely listens when he is having a discussion. I saw him change his opinion based on facts that were given to him, on Up with Chris Hayes and admit how his opinion had changed and why.

The most important reason is this: Gov. Roemer will only take campaign contributions from people. Not businesses, and not corporations, people. Here is the kicker: Max donation? $100 He is also the only Republican candidate at Occupy Wall St. discussing issues with the people there.

This is why he hasn't cracked the top tier, as a canidate. However, if you are in a state where you can vote for the Republican candidate this spring, and you are not a registered or if you are a Republican who reads this comic (Seriously, introduce yourself, I would love to meet you and hear your opinion of my comic) there is only one candidate to choose from.

I do want to say this; in 2000 I voted for Ralph Nader (I am so sorry, I know better now, I was living in Massachusetts at the time, and Gore did win that state.) In part, I did so because I do not like Joe Leibermann. Gov. Roemer did say that Sen. Leibermann would be his ideal pick for Vice-President. Issues like this, and his energy policy is why I hesitate to say he should be the Next President of the United States. However, if Gov. Roemer can win the candidacy, then perhaps we can re-evaluate who the better president would be at that point and we will make an endorsement.

For now, Buddy Roemer should be the Republican nominee, and I urge you to support him, too.

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