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As my oldest daughter would say, "Whoa."

I once again urge anyone, service members or family, dealing with depression, please reach out for help. 

I see a lot of people with Support the troops bumper stickers. But I want to ask, what have they done to support the troops?

Even when the troops get home, these men and women need to be supported. When my friend Will returned from Iraq, I did my part of supporting him by being his friend. He was stationed near me, still serving but hundreds of miles from his friends, his family and his wife, living alone in a hotel room. He ate out every night. I would bring him home for a home cooked meal. That is how we as Americans need to support our troops. Not buy bumper stickers and ignore them. It's the small things we can do.

I am not saying "Build them a house," but just be their friend. 18 soldiers kill themselves a day, and maybe we can reduce that number by just letting them know that you are still there for them. Will told me some awful stuff he witnessed in Iraq, (I hardcore geeked out with my friend Joe over his pictures of Saddam's Palace.) but when they want to talk about their experience. Listen. Do not judge. Because what ever successes or failures they had over there, remember, you love your friend or family member for a reason. That is what they need most of all.

Even Bill O'Reilly, who sends his books to be burned in Afganistan, does his part to support the troops. And honestly, that is the best way to burn his books, so we can keep the troops warm.


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