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I hope you enjoyed this story. I can't say I have enjoyed it, but putting it together has been a healthy challenge. I feel humbled. I am glad I was able to tell this story. But Tricia's story isn't over yet. Over 2012, I will explore the effects of this event of Joey's suicide. 

I feel like I have to thank several people from Department of Veterans Affairs, especially Stacey Pilling and Debbie Ladwig. They got back to me promptly and gave me some invaluable resources. This is great for me because this story has not affected me. However, to be honest, I have lost a freind to suicide. It's hard. Just remember if you are considering taking your own life, you will cripple your loved ones. 10 years out, and I still cry over Bill's death.

As I mentioned before, I called this story "Take the Stars out of the Window," It is a much loved song that does not have much internet love. There are a bunch of covers by people I do not know, however I could not find a copy of the orginal for you to stream. The lyrics can be read here:

Robert was a sailor

For the best years of his life

His captain was his mother

And the ocean was his wife

Only fresh out of the cradle

Life's one and only spring

He was sworn to do his duty

And got blood on his high school ring


And it's hello California

Hello Dad and Mom.

Ship ahoy, your baby boy

Is home from Vietnam

Don't you ask me any questions

About the medals on my chest

Take the star out of the window

And let my conscience take a rest

Now he sailed across the ocean

To that old Far Eastern war

It was foreign to his body

It was foreign to his shore

So he traded in the present

For the better times he'd seen

And made an oriental waitress

His own Homecomin' Queen.

Repeat Chorus:

If you want to buy the John Prine version, you could, but I would recomend The Paperboys version.



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