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Ron Paul has disqualified himself because he is a hypocrite. He first left Congress at the end of the 80s because he believed in term limits. A principal he says he still believes in. However, he has been a Congressman for a very, very long time. Between his first stint in Congress and his second he published a newsletter which said some deplorable things. He wrote some of them. At least his homophobic comments on AIDS. Unless he had other medical doctors writing for him. Which I doubt.

I was living in Texas at the time, and I do remember people discussing some of these. People were discussing "The government creating AIDS" as were said in his newsletters. In the 1990s. 

Does anyone remember Ryan White? He was a 12-year-old who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion. An obvious sign that we needed better regulation in hospitals. He became a spokes-person and showed that AIDS wasn't something that just happened to gays. Anyone could get it. His activism is often forgotten, but his legacy still lasts.

I bring him up because according to Ron Paul, Ryan White contracting AIDS was his own fault. Or atl east that is what his newsletters say. He did not call out Ryan White by name, but his ignorance in his field of expertise, a field in which he practiced in, he showed that he was an incompotent doctor. 

That incompotence should disqualify him as President.

So he claims he didn't write that. Ron Paul-Robots believe him. Okay, fine, then lets put it this way, Ron Paul believes in accountablity, except when it comes to his own incompotence by publishing in his own name that all blacks are criminals and how to shoot them and get away with it. This was done in his own name, and yet he has not taken responsiblity for the issue. So now we have more hypocrisy in the name of Ron Paul.

I decided to use the Herman Cain logic. "Just because I haven't sexually harrassed every woman proves I didn't sexually harrass some women." I just took his quote and dropped in some racist words and end with Herman Cain's proclivity to refer to himself in the 3rd person. 




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