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There you have it folks, I have been keeping close to the true stories and I am burned out. I am burned out on drawing real people in a story arc, unless it is on fracking with They Might Be Giants. So if anyone has a way to get a hold of John and John, let me know, because I want to make this happen.


I first met Arthur on Facebook. He found my comic and he has been a wonderful resource. He has guest starred in as many comics as Vance Gilbert. Arthur knows his history. Before the current batch of Republicans were bought by big business, they had some wonderfully progressive leaders. The Republican party was founded by Abolitionists who stood tall against slavery. They were progressive and worked hard for the American people. Two of my favorite presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are what the Republican party stood for. However, that has changed. Many of today's Republicans have turned their backs on the principles their party was founded on. Big business has corrupted the party which have given us unempathetic hypocrites like Scott Walker. Arthur Kohl-Riggs understands why it is the Grand Ole Party and like Lincoln and Roosevelt before him, he will once again return Grand and Party back to the GOP. I was raised Republican, but I always was a Progressive. We need progressive leaders. We need Teddy Roosevelts and Abe Lincolns. We need Arthur Kohl-Riggs. Please sign his petition to get him on the ballot. Because America needs bold leadership. You have to do this TODAY! in order to get this done!

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Felix Bunke (felixblackcat) says:

Well, no more Teddy Roosevelts, please. It always irks me when I see progressive people signing the praises of that racist imperial warmonger. I'm also surprised by the lack of any mention of Bob La Follette, who was also a Republican.

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