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Wouldn't you know, when I do a cliff hanger, my car dies. It seriously is dead. Thursday I went to take my family out to go grocery shopping and dinner. When I started up the engine, a "check engine light" came on. Strange, I thought, let me see how it acts, and I will make my decision on what to do. We ate at a great Chinese place, and I had some amazing Kung Pao Chicken. We loaded up the car to hit the grocery store and as I turned into the main road, all the lights of my dash came on. I go to turn off the street and the power and engine shut off and wouldn't restart. After sitting in the middle of the road being cursed at by the 1%, because that's where I live, fortunately a cop and a tatooed guy pulled up to help. I explained the problem and how I put it in park to try to restart the engine so we can't push the car into the gas station I was 20 feet from. They promptly left. Then I tried to start the engine again and it started and we drove home.

Friday I was suppose to drive to my studio and do today's comic. Sadly, I haven't been able to. By the time you read this, my car would have been towed to the shop and hopefully this is a quick and easy fix for the car.

So you get a BachmannLand I wasn't going to run. The week Rick Santorum said something like this, I ran a different comic. I wanted to plug Michele Bachmann's rival Anne Nolan (and you should follow her on twitter @Anne_Nolan) I ended up not running it because it seemed to be out of date. I kept it on my page of possible comics for BachmannLand comics. Some are not funny, and some need some work. This one I figured I never would use this comic and never bothered to erase it. So tomorrow, either some art I have been working on, or the next part of my War on Women story. I am hoping to bring you the latter.

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