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Everyone has their Maurice Sendak book growing up. When he passed away I thought of mine and I thought of my children's. My oldest daughter loves "In the Night Kitchen." It was a gift from Jonathan whose wife we named our youngest after. She passed away while my wife was pregnant and that is why we chose Mollie for my youngest daughter's name.

Maddie has loved that book, she loves the dreamlike elements of the book.

My book was Little Bear.

Growing up I loved Science Fiction and Fantasy and the idea of flying to the moon filled me with wonderment. I wanted a hat like his which could grant me the powers to fly. Confusing Little Bear with Return of the Jedi, I thought the moon sustained life like Endor, except it was like Earth, because the "Moon Mom" looked an awful lot like Mother Bear. I imagined it was a parallel world. I wondered if the Doctor could take me there in his TARDIS.

Yes, I always was this nerdy.

All of Maurice Sendak books open a world of possiblities. Dreams and imagination plant seeds and grow us into adults with a fertile imagination. Thank you, Maurice for the worlds you created, and invited all of us to visit. Each trip we find something of ourselves.

Maurice Sendak taught me how to fly, what are your memories of him?


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