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Can you hear it? The Neo-Cons. They are drumming. The last time they played that beat we were imbroiled in an 8 year long war for no reason. No sane reason.

It was a war to recreate the state in the neo-con's fascist world. If the war worked the way it was sold to the American people, we would all be rich.

But, Dick Cheney, that isn't how it worked out. Your friends are rich, and the American people are poorer. Our name, the name made great by being on the right side of history, lost some political capital. Our country lost 4,487 dead, and 32,226 wounded. And that is just the physical wounds.

Now, the same people are at it again.

I do not like the government of Iran, but the people are a smart and beautiful people, and proud of their heritage. I praise them for the ways they stand up to their government. If the Christian right, like Rick Santorum get their way, we would be a Christian verion of Iran. All the major networks are playing this drum beat. They are ramping up for a war.

Yes, I called MSNBC conservative. 

There are some great shows on that network, and to be honest, I never miss an episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, Up with Chris Hayes or Melissa Harris-Perry. However, look at the network, program by program and tell me where they fall. Lawrence O'Donnell, which I watch a bit of, is an establishmentarian. He worked in the Senate before leaving for a career in Hollywood, then became a journalist. He does a fine job, however, when you listen to him talk, he talks about how things work, he pushes back on anyone who tries to rock the boat on his show. That is a fair critique and I enjoy his show more since I realized it.

Retired General Barry McCaffrey briefed NBC executives based on inteligence given to him by his lobbying masters. It just shows to show you that there is a massive Right Wing agenda on our television but there is none of this alleged liberal agenda that FOX News rambles on about.


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