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Top Gun was not the first film to have worked so closely with the military. Far from it. Since the dawn of Hollywood, the military has been working with films, but it was the first film where there was a sharp enlistment spike after the movie came out. Top Gun is 90 minutes of "Wow, isn't the Navy awesome?" This film has done more for the Navy since the Village People.

Sorry, the Village People were not avalaible to embed, I hope you don't mind the less gay Muppets. When I was 3, this was my all time favorite Muppet Show sketch. The Village People video is on YouTube, you really should watch it.

Speaking of gay, yes, that is Val Kilmer being raped in the corner. Because here is the most unintentionally homoerotic scene in a film in the 1980s.

Here is the scene with a weird voice over. It was this or dubbed in Spanish. This amused me a bit more.

This film was directed by Tony Scott, who I love as a director. For his first time out, he had a big hit, but I don't think he hit his stride until he did True Romance. When digital filming came out, he started filming his flicks fast and he gets great performances out of his actors. Man on Fire was absolutely wonderful and the best example of Tony Scott's film style. Also, his older brother, Ridley Scott directed Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator and Thelma and Louise.

Of course, this being Tony Scott's first feature film, he did not have control, and for some reason this movie was a hit. It had a popular soundtrack, and when it came out, I was living in Georgia at the time, and let me tell you, Top Gun shirts started displacing the Confederate Battle Flag shirts as the most popular "patriotic" Tee Shirts worn by 4th graders.

As a movie, it's not very good. As a recruitment video, this is the best recruitment video the military industrial complex wants you to see. Like the saber rattling of the past (Iran now, Iraq a decade ago, ect and so on.) this movie is all about wanting a war with Russia. Top Gun should have ended with the begining of World War 3. The United States shot down 4 Russian built Chinese jets over Chinese territory. That is an act of War. The movie ends with them on the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise (No, not THAT Enterprise.) with everyone celebrating.

They are working on a sequel. I hope that this is the plot: Maverick has been in South America once he relized Russia was about to nuke the United States. After his plane crashed, he became a leader of a tribe of South American nuclear holocaust survivors at the edge of the good land before the nuclear wasteland. However, he wants to know what happened to his one true love, Charlie, after his wife and child were killed when a nuclear mutant attacked his village. So Maverick goes on a quest across the barren waste land, much like Charleston Heston in "Omega Man." "Omega Man" by the way was based on the same novel as "I am Legend" with Will Smith. When you start World War 3, what other choice do you have?

Serve the military industrial complex or fight giant scorpions, Charlstion Heston style?

I choose the ladder. And by that, I mean battle giant scorpions. With a ladder.


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