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I am sick of John Boehner's BS. I am sick of it. You want to work for the American people, then WORK FOR US! Stop this crap and bring a jobs bill to the floor. You, sir, are the one with the power. YOU! Not the president, You, sir. So when you, of all people whine that we do not have any job legislation it is your fault! Read the freaking Constitution, you moronic imbecile. Legislation starts in the house and you control what legislation is brought to the floor.

What do you do in the mean time?

You bring *ANOTHER* ban on abortion to the floor. 

There are no jobs in my wife's uterus. I have investigated thoroughly. I am not opposed to searching again, but I have probed there enough times to know this.  In fact, once I am done writing this, I will do another search.

An apology, I got sick and it hit hard. I still have a barking cough and I am not at 100% but I will get my comics done which I owe you.

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