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Still catching up from being sick. Okay!

My freind Kerensa would kill me if I cut this comic. Also, like all the other programs, I love the X Files. 

In 1993 I saw an ad for a TV show that made me laugh. I thought this show would be stupid and I watched the first episode and I was hooked. My Friday nights durring my Junior year of high school consisted of The X Files and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.  When the season finale aired, I was invited out to see "The Crow" with friends. I chose The Crow even though I knew in my heart that The X Files would be canceled and I would never see that episode again.

Boy was I wrong!

The X Files lasted unill the year 2001 and spawned 2 feature films.

The X Files was a great show, and yes it does have a right-leaning slant. As much as I loved the X Files, the problem was it got caught in the 90's conundrum. Durring the 90s, Babylon 5 and then later Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed the X Files what should have been done, make the show more of a serial. EVery time they move the plot forward, it was because they were reacting to other things (Like Gillian Anderson's pregnancy and David Duchovany leaving the show.) They never planned it beyond the concept. Which is why I love Fringe. That show has built on the legacy of the X Files and yet learned from The X Files mistakes.

And OMG! Season 5 is going to be *AMAZING*!!! And sadly, it will be the end. 


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