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I like Brian Williams. Because of him, I taught my daughter what Cthulhu is. His head appearing behind Jon Stewart has entertained me for ages. However, I stopped watching his show because he kept talking about "Obamacare" before Obama embraced the term. Who even knows what "The Affordable Care Act" even is?

The problem is his brand of journalism. He just reports what each side is saying, which doesn't tell us anything. A real journalist will not just tell you what both sides are but then tell you who won. As Cenk Uygur so eloquently put it, "If the Giants play the Cowboys and beat them silly, it is not biased to report that they won. You don't have a pro-Giants bias if you report the score." Fox News and their terrorists viewers have people like Brian WIlliams scared.

And NPR, too.

I was listening to an interview with Richard Grenell on NPR. Then Mr. Grenell said "what became increasingly clear is that this fervor on the left and the right didn't want me to do my job. They really wanted to talk about gay marriage and, you know, a lot of my personal life." When Mitt Romney hired him, Steve Benen of Maddowblog said "some on the other end of the political spectrum have taken note of Grenell's messages on social media, many of which have targeted women in politics and media." They didn't care that you were gay. I don't. I do care that you are a chauvinist.  When Mr. Grenell lied about Obama's record, Neil Conan did not call him out on it. Nor is it corrected on NPR's website.

NPR has been shown to have a conservative slant on their political reporting and their show “Political Junkie” has had 27% more conservatives on it than liberals. This isn't a recent thing, either, studies going as far back as 1993 have showen this!

Finally we have Erin Burnett. She is a tool. You know what, I think you should see the aforementioned Cenk Uygur say something better than me:



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