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I admit it. I love Rachel Maddow. I adore her show. Sometimes I wish she could live in my pocket so I could pull her out when I am attacked by right wingers and we can tag team them like Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. I will let her choose which one of us is The Hulk and which one is the Macho Man.

I think she will be amused by this. (Hint, send this to her! Seriously!)

If you don't watch Up with Chris Hayes you are doing yourself a disservice. Up with Chris Hayes is perhaps the smartest show on television. He has these long conversations where they get into the nuts and bolts of the issues and he has on conservatives, who don't always agree, but finds that space where a real conversation can happen. It gets into the weeds which is why Melissa Harris Perry is a great follow-up show.

It's also smart, but unlike Up with Chris Hayes, it is fun. (Chris Hayes tries to keep it fun, but let's face it, analyzing Ben Bernake the academic versus Ben Bernake the chair of the federal reserve is not a fun topic. Important, yes, but not fun.) Everyone laughs and has a great time talking about heavy topics. It also does something few shows do, as it is hosted by an African-American woman, it finds a variety of voices to weigh in on issues that we have seen everywhere else but spoken with a very differnt perspective.

I don't watch Joe Scarboro. At all. I find him as a host rather obnoxoius. But then again, I hate morning programming. When I wake up, I don't want to hear some jerk being all chipper. I want to punch him and the cast of most morning shows. Even Dee Snyder who has one of the better morning shows in this country. When I get up, I want music. Music is fuel and inspiration. That gets me pumped better than coffee or Coke. Want to hear what is getting me pumped? This is right now: 

If you were not tapping your feet, then there is something wrong with you.

Finally there is Lawrence O'Donnell. Now there are times which I enjoy his program. I loved the laser like focus on the Trayvon Martin shooting. I turned off the episode where he spent the entire episode on Whitney Huston. I do not regularly watch his show, but I have a lot of media I have to injest to make this comic for you.

The thing is, Lawrence O'Donnell is a hell of an interviewer. If he disagrees with you, he does a wonderful job dissecting your argument and making you squerm. He also has legislating experience which at times is very fascinating. I stopped watching Lawrence O'Donnell regularly once I realized he is just an establishmentarian, but I do enjoy his program, and I will sing his praise when he gets something right.

However, with that, this comic basically is saying is that MSNBC isn't the liberal or progressive channel. Although I love some shows, this (As Current) should have been the network Keith Olbermann built. Then we might have something truely progressive on the TV machine.


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